Chat at the table

I really enjoy Replay Poker, and most of the time it’s a good time with some great people.
HOWEVER, there is one issue or perhaps aggravation is a better word.
Below is a direct copy and paste from the the Replay Facebook page which was for the February Bust the Staff tournament posted there February 15.
"We’re looking for a few sharpshooters!

Our Bust the Staff tournament runs tomorrow at 4pm ET, and thanks to Double Guarantees Week, the guaranteed prize pool has been DOUBLED to 1 million chips!

Take a seat with us at the table for a chat and a good game of poker. But take aim as well – if you bust out anyone with a star on their name, you’ll earn a 20,000 chip bounty!

It’s only 1,000 chips to register, so join us for some friendly competition! Register now and we’ll look forward to seeing you:"

On more than one occasion the most recent one being today, we were playing poker and enjoying the game even though we were not interacting or chatting with each other very much.

In this particular instance and in some of the others, I won a pot. Someone commented “nh” I replied with the “T”
IMMEDIATELY the “Dealer” said in RED “Please don’t flood the chat box,”
I had enough of this and said “one word is hardly a flood”
Now to my point (I know I know I’m long winded.)
The official post above CLEARLY states to “have a chat.” Your words.

We are not unruly children nor were we behaving as such. So why are we being treated as if we were?
Statements such as that being made with no just cause, can and DO take away most of the enjoyment in a big way.

I realize that observation is required on some occasions and to some extent supervision.

Poker is a social game.
No one at the table objected.
No one was being rude or insulting.
Nor were there any lengthy conversations being held.
The “BROADCASTS” are what “FLOOD” the chat box.

Not a normal civilized comment or congratulation with another player.

These incidents were entirely unwarranted and unnecessary, which made them demeaning to us.

There is a known quote regarding a flower not making a certain part of the anatomy a vase just because it’s put there, which definitely applies to this.
Starting the sentence with the word please does NOT make it any more right.
It looks like some people need to be taught the difference between excess and taking a power trip with their authority.

As I stated in the beginning I really enjoy Replay Poker, most of the time
End of rant.

Is it possible that you pressed the enter key for too long as you replied. This is what happens if you do . All in red too.
Dealer: Please don’t flood the chat!
Dealer: Please don’t flood the chat!
Dealer: Please don’t flood the chat!
Dealer: Please don’t flood the chat!
Dealer: Please don’t flood the chat!
Dealer: Please don’t flood the chat!

Keep on enjoying it. :smile:

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I’ve seen that when my cat steps on the keyboard. I doubt it was a response to the 1 comment but probably more along the lines of what whoeverit said. It happens.

Agree with whoeverit; happens to me a lot. I press the enter key too long or dble hit it & get Please dont flood the chat. Not sure anyone else sees it but the “offender” not knowing that is what they did.

Yeah, it’s happened to me too.

Thank you all for enlightening me
I had no idea.
But I’m pretty sure others can see it, because I have when waiting for a seat at a table when I’m on the waiting list but not typing.
I apologize to Replay Poker for thinking they were being over controlling.

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I have also seen it on my chat by holding down a key a little longer than normal, but I have never seen it in the chat box unless it was me .

Thanks for explaining, @whoeverit! That’s exactly what triggers the dealer response.

And no worries, @IBeeMe. Sorry about the overzealous dealer! It’s a personal message, so you’re the only one who should have seen it. If you do think the dealer’s being finicky about chat spam for other reasons, give us a heads up so we can look into it.