Changing tables without notice

In most tourneys I am switched to another table without any notice. Sometimes even before the results of the hand that is being played. Many times I would like to thank the other players for a fun game but zip I’m gone. Would it be possible to announce that a table switch was about to happen?

Thank you

I dont like being forced to change tables at any time without my permission

What’s even more confounding to me at times is when you’re switched to another table and, after one hand (that you’re not even involved in), you’re switched right back to the table that you were originally pulled from.

Fun, fun.

Is there a logical reason the switch is done? It doesn’t seem fair to be moved without notice.

If they didn’t constantly rebalance, a MTT would eventually end up with one player at each table. How would a tournament proceed from that point?

No problem with switching tables, I was just hoping for a 30 second or so advance notice to say something nice to the other players for a fun game.

You can always reopen the table in another window and say what you will. Doubleclick any name on the list in the tournament lobby to open that table. Naturally, this is easier if you are the only one reseated. If the whole table is switched, just think happy thoughts in their general auric direction.

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Sounds good, Thanks. If i’m knocked out …I can watch the game, hope to learn to play better and cheer on my friends. However if I still have chips, I’m not that clever to watch another game and still play in mine. thanks for your suggestions