Changing tables but losing half the new table

Am wondering why, when being forced to change tables ( Multi table tours ), I cannot EVER enlarge the table to full screen? I have to close the new window and click the open table bar from lobby. Is this standard? If so wastes time and effort (Mine and yours).

That’s odd. Honestly never noticed it. So what happens if you try and resize the window?

I experienced same at odd times, then discovered it happens when using Internet Explorer browser. It never occurs when using Chrome or Firefox

MMM. Well, I use Chrome… It’s no big deal really, just wondered why it happened. Basically, at change of tables , I get 3/4’s of the max size of table. That leave an ‘awkward’ space on the right of my screen. I have to shut that offered window and use the game lobby ‘open table’ instead. This does cause a slight delay because my connection speeds vary from awful to a pain in the posterior
I’ll try un installing chrome later and re installing it. Sometimes clears faults. I do have everything on auto update though.!
Have downloaded fresh copy of chrome. Will see what happens when I play. Meantime thanks for taking the time to respond :smile:

I don’t have that option because those 3 options on the top right simply are not there. I think they ‘hide’ under the top bar.

I have had that happen, too, but found that I could maximize twice and would fix it.

How do you enlarge your table? By stretching the sides?
I do that, but not over the whole screen, i just leave a bit space.
When i change from table (i use google chrome), my table is again smaller, but when i click on one side and stretch it a bit it is the same size as the other was.

Hmm, sounds rather odd. I reckon we’re better off leaving it as is for now and wait for the new HTML5 version. Trying to fix it now would just use up resource better allocated to the new version of the table. Thanks for bring it to our attention all the same!