Changing Profile Picture


I go to profile and select change picture but nothing happens. I can’t delete it either. Thoughts?


Go to your profile page
Click on the CHANGE button beside your picture
A box will pop up ( select file to upload )
Select the picture you want to use from your files
Click on OPEN
Then click on UPLOAD
Then scroll to the bottom of your profile page and click on RED UPDATE button


Thats what I have done. Nothing happens when I select nor can I delete picture. The options do not work

Hi Wascally,

Go to your profile page
Click on the ‘EDIT PROFILE’
page called ’ Edit your profile’ will open
Click on ‘CHANGE’
Select the picture you want to use from your files and drag and drop or copy and past the file you selected in the ‘Select Files to Upload’ space
Click on the blue ‘Upload’ button.
Then you are back to the ‘Edit your profile page’
Scroll down and ‘UPDATE PROFILE’ button

Hope this helps



Nothing happens when I hit change.

I click change and get no option to upload. I was able to delete picture now can’t even add one lol. Oh well

Sorry to read it doesn’t work, next thing I can suggest is to send a message to , letting them know the problem you have. They will look into it and contact you.


Hi, just a quick thought, if nothing happens when you click the CHANGE button, try checking your browser’s settings, specifically pop-ups, site permissions to read/modify files, and if applicable any installed Ad-block extensions or plugins, depending on your browser type. Sounds like something is preventing that button from being engaged.

Hope that helps.

If you can’t upload the file then the file is too big. JPEGs work best.

Think they said that nothing happens when they click the Change button. So the button itself is not working.

Actually it started with change picture button ( upload file) then it went to ( save changes )

I am just going to change my profile picture using exactly the method described by Tiandra!

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There was no problem at all so cannot be a problem with the button!

Ok having fun now changed it again!

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That what I do because you cannot make a change and save the changes any other way. Anything else just doesn’t do squat.

Thanks for the suggestion. I turned off pop ups and adblock. Also changed browsers but to no avail

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That is strange. Definitely sounds like something is preventing that button from being activated. What about other website functions? Does everything else work ok, or is it just that?

Once again “ it’s not your browser “

Thank you for the suggestions!

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Lucky you!! lol

Have you not a 2. browser to do/test it there? I have in moment 9 browsers on my system, and can fast look to another. One year ago i had problems to upload pictures too, on Firefox and Opera. I used then Edge for it. I have Opera on Windows and use it only for Replay. No problem to delete browser cache, no deleting of other sites cookies and saved passwords, many saved links to friends, Promotions, saved hands, forum threads, Blog, … The best way for me.