Changing bet size slider buttons

Is it possible to change bet sizing buttons from 50%, 100% of pot and max to e.g 30%/75%/150% somehow? Not proficient in js development.

Hi @DeathProphet!

We use the current bet buttons based on the way players bet and the four we have on our tables are the most commonly used.

You can always type in a specific amount or use the slider bar to change the bet amount. I will definitely pass on your suggestion to the rest of the Team to see what they think. :slight_smile: We always love getting suggestions and feedback, so if you come up with anything else just let us know!


Ok, temporary quitting this website until this issue fixed, manually typing is large bets (millions) takes time and is prone to errors (typed 20% of the pot instead of 200% and lost the pot due to this). It’s not that hard to change two constants.

Well, there’s always Farmville. :wink:



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Jus checking My Player notes DP-…hmmm… Relax during Your very long or quite short vacation from the tables-Until the upgrade happens. Good cards n Fun 2e1…


Noticed Your playing the Silver Donks Sunday Funday right now. Welcome back I guess…


(Use the force, Luke–erm, I mean use the slider, DP!)

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Have to play 1 game in a week, otherwise I’d banned from Donks league, still not playing cash games, I don’t like the feeling of Zimbabwean central bank accountant when typing every bet, so 100k/200k tables will be filled with fish only.

Slider doesn’t work for fractions of BB, it increases by ±1BB only.
For instance, BTN vs BB SRP pot (the most common situation in poker) is 5.5bb and all standard bet sizes involve betting non-integer number of BB.
Even for preflop, can’t raise 2.5bb (most common open raise sizing) w/o betting manually.

Ahh. Good clarification.
Thanks, and good luck.

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There’s another thread on here by madhoff on this same topic but I don’t know why I can’t paste the link. You can find it in search.

Obviously this is not fixed because all players (fish) of this site don’t care. And I’m pretty sure 99.99% players of this site fails into category of “fish” or “ultrafish”.