Centre Court Satellite glitch

I tried to register for the first Centre Court Satt, and I got a pop up that says “Only gold users are allowed in this tournament.”

same here…what the heck is a gold user?

well I am not a gold user lol…got the same thing, maybe staff only lol


Please try again

I have no idea why it suddenly likes Gold Members only. I took down the first one and made a new one, then changed the registration period for the second one and it seems to allow everyone in.



The first Centre Court is running and will finish soon. The tickets are being paid correctly but the 100,000 free chips are not appearing in the Lobby.

I will pay them manually soon after it ends if nothing happens automatically.


It seems to be working fine now Rob but can you tell us what a gold user member is?
Is that based on bankroll size?

Hey GrandyB,

GoldStar Status is reserved for denoting a staff member in a tournament. It’s what creates those little gold stars that you all chase in Bust The Staff!

I hope this explains everything, take care and have a good day,


ahh, okay thanks!

The four Replay Centre Court Finals are now in the Lobby.

Remember they are Ticket only and they do not show in the same freeroll Lobby as the Satellites.

Play !