Card game 7 card stud

Cant find card games that are 7 card stud and or high and low seven card stud…when arfe they available?

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Hi ImnotaBot,
When you go to the ‘lobby’ check your settings to be as on this screenpicture for the Ring tables

For the Multi Table Tournaments your settings should be as you see on the screenpicture


Hope this helps

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did that says sorry not available. My setting are for ring games that include the 7 card. Are these tournament games or money? etc??

When you refresh the page , if your settings are correct, the list should show.

Multi Tables Tournaments

k thanks I just needed to click on the Multi column. saw what was there.
Thanks for the help!

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Very seldom, young ppl. like hold em as it is easy n good for bingo i guess, i LOVE 7 stud and grew up on it and it helped buy my house lol. They do have some stud tournaments but i miss the ring games:)

Bill, if you had checked Tiandra’s screen shot above, you will see that Replay do offer Stud ring games. No need for you to miss them!

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I know when u had a promotion a couple of months ago (giving chips for the leaders) i got to play a lot of 7 stud as ppl. will play for free anything .