Can't send messages

When I’m on the tables everyone send messages but I can’t send messages???

Yes you can:)

When you are playing on the same table:

Click on the seat of that player and you get the mini profile. Click on send message. You see first the line Subject. First you write someting there. Hi or the subject. When you write nothing there it wont work. Then you write your message in the block message

When you click a name from homepage or from your friendlist.:

You get his / her main profile. Click on the blue tab messages… Then first Subject (dont forget) and then you can write your message

Good luck:)

Or do you mean write something in the chat window? Please explain which one it is, and if the problem happens all the time?

Hi Gould,

I sow your message but i couldnt answer by thecnical problems again. But dont worry about me because in another place that i bring my notebook it was nearly ok.

I try to check by macbook.

Thx a lot.

Happy new year to RP team.