Can't see the bet size

OK replay explain this one,

Hey that’s me :stuck_out_tongue: I wonder what that note says. . . haha

If you have time you can spin the table, not ideal though. Edit chips to be below the number best solution, for that top right corner.

Wow, nice catch! I’ll make sure this gets looked at. Thanks for letting us know – not very useful to have your opponents’ bet obscured like that, is it? :confounded:

Isn’t that the bet size right above the “call” button?

Its the amount of the raise but yeah a touch of arithmetic gets you to bet size. Still, it is annoying not to be able to see immediately, especially in the heat of a hand.

it’s only the betsize difference (since its your call amount) and because you have just only a short time to perform an action you will need all the time you can get to make a decent calculation and its easier when you see both.

sidenote: you also can’t see the pot size which happens even more often.


Not seeing the pot size is a much bigger problem as far as I’m concerned.