Can't see my tournament table

i joined a multi-table tournament that i currently running (777) but the table won’t load, so i can’t see anything. what can i do besides listening to the clicks and shuffles…?

Please send an email to with the date and time the tournament was set to start and I’ll check your profile and credit you back any chips you lost in registration. Sorry for the inconvenience :frowning:

i have been in contact with that email. get the run around wanting more info than i have to give.

what is the cause of the problem? server? program? this keeps happening to me on a regular basis.

I just needed a couple more details about the tournaments since there were two of them you were having issues with. We’ve refunded the chips to you, so please let us know if it happens again!

tables are not loading…Tried all 3 browsers…continues to say connecting reconnecting without ever loading the table

You need the flash program Adobe, be sure you have the latest and all updates. Or reinstall Adobe. Remove it and install it again with the browser you use for here.

Hope it helps. If not let us know here.

Greetings Happiness,