Can't rebuy?

So I rebuy after going broke and have to wait a hand then get thrown off the table only to lose my seat.
Fix this.

You went broke and your username is I never lose ? Hahahahaha to funny.

Seriously if you lose and go and get more chips there is no rule saying Replay has to hold your seat.

You must have been in a ring game correct ?

Just register and hang out in the lobby. Eventually you will get seated back at your table ready to win those 2000 chips back.

Good luck !

Hey pal…
I’m sitting AT THE SEAT and hit REBUY and RE-LOAD to the tune of another 5,000,000 system says I have to wait a hand and then throws you off the table…




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You should have explained it better

5 million ???

Never heard of that happening

It’s just not your day …

Yup - that’ a serious glitch I am certain that our commuity Forum Manager has already noted this, but I’ll pick up the action & forward to Suport JUST TO MAKE SURE!!!

I’ll get back to you.

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ONCE AGAIN… Hand: 343258211 … I click REBUY - add another 1,000,000… system says:
Your request to add 1,000,000 chips will be actioned at the end of the hand.
Then I am kicked off the table… WTF

OK I never… I’ll get support on it again… Thanks for the hamd number that helps… Micki

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