Can't play on the site

i don’t know what is going on. when i try to play on a table is times me out. it also acts like it is the site is breaking up. it happened on the tourney what the hell hands 50167779 and 50167812 (i lost ante on both of these) then again tonight hands 50195068 50195094. when i try to make a bet the slider won’t move. everything works except replay poker.

I’ve sent it to the tech team, i hope they find the problem.

Sounds like you’re having some connectivity issues but we’ll take a look in case it’s a problem our side. Can you try a different browser - say, Firefox, Chrome or IE (whichever you’re not currently using), also make sure you don’t have too many applications running at once, that can cause problems too. Since those hands you mentioned, has it happened again?

Has anyone else noticed problems?

working ok now. someone fixed it. thank you