Can't enter a raise

On two different tables, most of the time, I was unable to raise. I was able to enter an amount but nothing happened when I pressed enter. (last 20 minutes)

That’s worrying. Can you tell me what browser you use? And everything was fine until 20 mins before you posted the message?

Did you try the slider, did that work okay?

Has anyone else had problems, entering an amount and clicking enter to submit the amount?

I use Netscape. The problem was there for that one whole session. The button faded in colour when I entered an amount and did not return to red. My enter key is working. The button was red and I assume it would have worked with the pre-entered amount. On my next session I did not experience any problem. Is the “slider” the button? Walt When I tried to post this on the forum previously, I was repeatedly advised that I had to log in to view the page. I was logged in.

123Walt, is it possible you were playing on a Pot Limit or Fixed Limit table? Hence you would have been unable to raise to the amount you wanted?

The slider is above the betting buttons (you can move this from left to right to increase the bet, instead of typing in).

Are you sure you use Netscape, that’s a very old browser, it may be causing some problems. Could you upgrade to a newer browser like Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer?

“is it possible you were playing on a Pot Limit or Fixed Limit table?” - I suppose. I am not familiar with either of those situations - how would I tell in the future? One of them had unusual (for me) stakes (10/20) as I recall. Otherwise I just selected them as usual from the menu. I did not know about the slider. Is there somewhere that explains how to use the site? I have not seen one yet - perhaps it might also explain such things as the “Pay SB” button that comes up when I return. I do not use Netscape - brain fart - I use Firefox 21.0.

You can tell from the title of the pop-up window where the game is displayed… see attached screenshot: NL = No Limits, PL = Pot Limits, FL = Fixed Limits

Unfortunately we don’t have a help guide yet, but we’re planning to add one. Then we can explain some of the features that aren’t so obvious, like you’ve mentioned.

Ah okay, Firefox - you should be fine then! :slight_smile:

Other possibility is that in the “heat of the moment” you bet more than you had. (I’ve done it more than a time or two). When playing in a turbo game, the time pressure makes it difficult to figure out what’s going on before you are timed out. Just a suggestion of another reason why this MIGHT have happened to Walt

Other possibility is that in the “heat of the moment” you bet more than you had - I have to admit that that seems quite likely, especially after I said that I used Netscape as my browser. But it did happen on multiple hands on two different tables, in sequence.

It happened to me again a few minutes ago. Hand number 64620581. I tried to raise 300. Couldn’t. Had to call.Something peculiar to me/ my computer?

I see you’re on Firefox version 21 on Windows 7. That’s odd, it’s an No Limit Table so I can’t see why you shouldn’t be able to Raise. We’ll test this browser to see if there’s a problem.

I’m not sure what the min re-raise is after a 184 bet on river. Perhaps a re-raise of 300 is too low?