Can't Belive I'm Trashed, Chafed, Harmed, anymore

1st hand of tournament.
i get 92 on the BB. no one raises, so i check. i hit top and bottom pair on the flop, and bet it. someone’s chasing a straight and hits on the turn. he shoves. foolishly, i call, and river a 9.
this drasticly changes the game for me. i can now look at draw hands. flush draws then drain on my stack until one yeilds a pair of 7s get through for most of the chips back. next hand, the river that completed someone’s straight (or flush, i forget) , also gave me a 10 high sf. he shoves, and i’m back in the saddle again. after that came a extraordinary string of suited hands which just about halved my stack, until a KXs hand hit and i’m back again.
here, i’m starting to wonder how many of the hands i called, were one of the bottom 7 hands on the money making hands chart, i’ve been using. then 23s comes up. i know this hand is 169 out of 169, so i fold. of course, 46x is the flop, and the turn is a 5, but i’m wondering how much i’d have to pay one of the 4 combos of 78s, or 3 combos of 37s, which a lot of people will play.
bottom line:
i shoved 2 BB with ATs and got beat by a pr of 5s, to finish 11th.
good news…i nearly doubled my entry in a tournament i shouldn’t have seen a second hand.
bad news…i think maybe i’ve lost my right to complain about peeps who suck out, or do something stupid, and get saved by the river.
or just can’t Belive I’m Trashed, Chafed, Harmed, anymore