Cannot find tournaments that I have registered for

Hi Guys, I seem to have lost 50k in chips. When I click on my chip stack in the lobby it says that I have registered for a 50k tourney which I did not do ask only play low stakes.

Also, I have reg’d a bankroll builder but I cannot find this anywhere.

Sounds like an error has been made somewhere but I cannot find the 50k tourney to unregister.

Can someone please help me out?

Can I also ask again, I know other forum posts have asked for this, for a lit of tournaments so that it is easy to track tournaments that you’ve played and reg’d.


I checked your account. Looks like the tournament that we had you registered for was Time To Replay: since you didn’t show up to it, I’ve refunded you the 50K buy-in just now.

As for knowing what you’re registered for, there’s an easy way to do that. Just do to the Dashboard and in the top-right corner you’ll see all the games and tournaments you’re involved in. Here’s what it looks like:

Thank you MrReplay, you guys are the best. I’m sure it was something idiotic that I did but I don’t know how the mistake could have been made as I play the low stakes and have only played one 15k tourney so far.

anyway, thanks once again. it is much appreciated.

I will look out for the notification above

There was something else covering that up so I couldn’t see it. thanks for the tip

This is ongoing problem for ages for lots of pp.

That’s odd… what was covering it up?

Marcipan - by on-going problem, do you mean players not knowing what games/tourneys they’d registered/were playing in?

Yes, its very complicated for pp to find it. Its should dead easy, simple.

You know I have a website, I did ask the IT how should do something, he said click here, click there and done… I said to hem (You know what)

It was just the notification on how many tasks I had completed to get a bonus. I think I had to complete my profile. I didn’t realise that I could get rid of it. It has gone now & I can see my stats

That should appear above the section for “My Games and Tournaments” as in the screenshot below. So I’m wondering if there’s a bug, whereby it overlaps… is that what was happening? And if so, what browser are you using? On chrome as you can see below, it looks fine…

I use google chrome and always close that box by clicking on the x.
Than it is gone and you can not open it anymore, and the next time i log in on RP it not appears, unless i clear my cache.

I clear my cache manually with the program CCleaner, when i used it and log in on RP i get that box again.

Hi MrReplay, As per Happiness’ post really except that I use IE11 mostly but I also use Chrome sometimes. I was having this problem in both browsers but didn’t realise there was a little ‘x’ to get rid of it. Once you told me about it, I closed down the “unlock special bonus” notification in both browsers (so my apologies but no screenshots are now available) and it works absolutely fine. Everytime I launch the website, I do not see this anymore.

That having been said, I have just cleared my Chrome browser and revisited the site and, you are right, it now displays as per your screenshot.

I dunno, maybe I was using IE more than I thought and Chrome less than I thought I actually was.

It’s all good now and I thank you once again.

Can I just ask, as I am more of a tournament player than a cash game player, are there any plans to bring these stats for tournaments?

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Thanks for the feedback. I’ll test it myself in IE11 to see if I can reproduce the problem.

As for tournaments, absolutely 100%… just a question of time. But it’s high on the to-do list. It sucks right now you only see ring game stats on your dashboard and player profile pages. :frowning:

Thank you