Can you explain this to me? How did hsq win ?

Dealer: hsq shows [ Ah 4h ] Flush, Ace High
Dealer: AllForFun shows [ 8s Td ] Two Pair, Kings and Tens
Dealer: furquim shows [ Js Ad ] Straight, Ten to Ace
Dealer: furquim wins 37 chips with Straight, Ten to Ace (Side Pot 1)
Dealer: hsq wins 2,500 chips with Flush, Ace High (Main Pot)
hsq had a flush you had only two pairs and furquim had straight. flushes beats two pair and the straight

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Thank you very much c: I taught furquim had to win…


why wasn’t this a split pot? Hand # 212819709 Euro tourney final table, there are 4 tens and the next highest card is a board queen. He has a J & I have a 9. Thought the 5 highest cards were the ones counted.

I have seen spit pots in this situation before!

Thanks for the explanation in advance;


You both have a Ten in your hole cards giving you both 3 tens which count. His next 2 cards to count are Queen Jack while yours are Queen Nine. His fifth card is the Jack which beats your Nine.
Good Luck out there…

Thank you, guess the 4 tens plus the queen is not the correct way to count this hand. the 3 tens, queen, jack is the winner.