Can you explain this hand to me?


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Dude I’ve lost quads over quads before, complain when you have an actual bad beat.

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Well I’ll give you it was a rough beat, but this kind of thing happens in poker. I’ve run terrible on this site and I’ve run insanely well, these things are cyclical and I’m sure the variance will correct itself eventually


Hey, I’d be happy to be playing off for 2nd place !!!

Here’s the butt clincher in your situation Mr Knicker, all that you see on this website is being generated by a computer program that leaves chance out of the game. They intentionally deal so many trash hands to you so that when you finally get ANYTHING remotely promising, you’ll go overboard and bet heavy. Trouble is, unless you’re “The Chosen One”, chances are, the guy next to you is sitting on a better hand than you, and he’s betting his life savings to win all of your chips! He goes away bragging and happy and well, you go away mad and bitter to write bad reviews on the community board. Somehow the old Eskimo saying comes to mind: “Some days you get the bear and some days the bear gets you!” and it really doesn’t matter what your skill level is or where you’re ranked! Hope these words helped.’t.gonna.fold.4K’S.OR.A’S.over.K’s.boat!

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You know, awhile back, there was heard of a Gal, getting three Royals in one day. Now what are the odds of that. But no matter what the odds are against that, it can happen. Just as I feel, your hands. Sometimes, a person, might think, they have the complete handle, on, it, and then it drops, heavier, than a stack of bricks. I truly enjoy this site, and have seen, some strange things happen, in my favor, and against me, but I say, that that’s poker. It is all in the cards, nothin else !!!

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I Agree!

*Hi I’m relatively new, only on the site a short while. But I have to agree this game is very unpredictable. I tried playing for real money on another site… I done it for about 8 months.
Never made any big wins. I thought what the heck I enjoy the game I will play for free. I chose this site because it is closer to real games… and it doesn’t cost anything. I love to win like everyone else but I think they put you in a cycle, of some sort you may get one good win about every second month, but what the heck you get to pass time, meet people and save money they give you free chips so you never really go broke. Ok thanks for reading take care see you at the tables.

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You know you can copy/paste space too?

Replay is the crookedest site I’ve ever played. They DEFINITELY play favorites and admins mess with the hands in the background. Plus the site is using bots to steal chips. On top of all that, the odds mean NOTHING on this site. There is an ace on the board over 60% of the time…it’s ridiculous. I know it’s free to play, but it would be nice to get an honest game without all the interference!


There are no bots on the site!
I know losing is hard and frustrating, and probably it feels good to blame someone / something for losing.

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No bots? Every single tournament I enter I get incredible hands for the first half and then horrible hands until the top cut, I was getting flushes and straights every hand once and then I went dry and didn’t even get a pair for the next 25 or so hands.

That is poker!

Also it’s not always about what cards you have, sometimes you win a hand with cards your opponents think you have:)…and no, i not say you must bluff, but sometimes…, i not always believe other players, but when i have no hit i can not call a high bet to see if their hand is better, the game is poker.


I Have been playing in real life and on other sites and I have not been having these problems.