Can you explain how split pots work?

I have notice, and have had split hands, why is it some splits pay all the players and some pay one, even if both have low kickers, and i am just trying to understand the game not complaining,

all pay split same, all the time .

only thing is may confusing, its have a small bug in the rooms, the chips go to one person, thets what you actually see. but if you check the chat box, you see both player get payed. So just a visual bug.

one chips or two ( even see 3 , independ the player numbers) can be pay extra to one player, only when the chips cant be split equally. I think thet person is the closest to the dealer button.

This bug reported, given ticket to the tech staff, hopefully they get there eventually.

Thank you , i am trying to learn to play and how the game works, lol not doing to well

Maby this helps too…

Thank you if did now i know more than i did lol

This is not a real poker site like you see on TV it is a game site like playing slot machines.

No not all splits are equal. I have played thousands of hands and you have three way splits with three different amounts.

Well, please send hand number, only one RP ask for.

One thing may confuse you, if less stack player (A) go all in say before flop, others (B + C) over bet each other, if “A” player win, he win up to hes bet chip count, the rest, is belong B and C player, again whoever won from B and C take the remaining of the pot, what also can be a split pot. :slight_smile: But, you dont have to worry about this , the program split it for you correctly, again, if you think you find a bug, or you think some calculation not correct, please share the hands with us, RP keen on help you and find any bug, they love to crash it.

Actually we’re somewhat unique in that we’re a play money poker site that approaches the game of poker as it players were playing for real money. Hence you can expect the same level of professionalism as on any real money poker site.