Can you block someone from registering to play with you?

If I do not enjoy playing with someone on a headsup game, how can I block him from registering to play a game with me or is there a way to unregister on he has registered?

Hi 23kiwi

At the moment it is not possible. If you register as first one for a heads-up tournament (SnG), you cannot refuse the registration of your opponent or prevent the registration of a player and also you can not unregister when your opponent registers for the game.

Earlier there was a request (suggestion) of a player for sending invitations to other players for playing a heads-up SnG tournament.

In your case you want register for a heads-up SnG and have to possibility to accept your opponent or refuse your opponent. Your opponent should get a message (when he registers) wait for acceptance of Player X or cancel your registration and you get a message accept or refuse Player X…

Perhaps it can be this way also. When you register as first you get a choose box if you want to accept all opponents or if you want the accept / refuse opportunity.

Curious how other players think about the way of registation for heads-up tournaments. Feedback welcome as always.

Greetings Happiness.

Evelien is correct, this isn’t possible right now - the main lobby is a public lobby in which every player has the right to sit at the table or register for a tourney. In the future we plan to launch private home style games, so you can specify exactly who you’d like to play against. I think this should solve the problem right now.

Thanks for the info. Helps a lot.

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I also agree with SharonSmarty and 23kiwi. There are a few people that we prefer not to play with, and I understand what u r saying but, a couple ppl that constantly go all n on nothing, then shows us their cards and laughs… they also know that we don’t like playing with them and they will follow us around and register on every tbl that we reg for. and I don’t think it’s right 4 these certain players 2 make our games difficult and or uncomfortable. So even though u replied to me on this situation Happiness, I know u have to understand where we are coming from. I’m here to play good cards with good ppl, and certain ppl make it hard especially when they follow us on purpose…to me that’s kinda like harassment and it ruins our games.

If players can block each other for registration you get strange situation. Player X can block the players who are higher ranked, player x register for all tournaments and the others cannot. And who you not like can be a friend of another player.

If there are problems with players who break the rules you can send a message to support and the staff can look into it. And same as in life, you can not like everyone and not like everyone’s play style. As long it is according the rules every player may play the ReplayPoker games.

And yes, when you can create your own game you can exclude players, than you decide who play and who not, but when you enter a game of someone else, it is possible you play with someone you not like.

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When home style games are available players can organize own tournaments and games, than players can create a own group. That is planned already.

For Heads-Up SnGs i think the possibility of a registration on acceptance and also a way to invite / challenge an other player would be useful for now It is a game with only 1 opponent and no ranking on leaderboards is involved.

I think at normal games you also cant decide who to play, all in the game, however indeed on another site we had tournements with teams vs teams or girls vs men games, but as this site is realy big it might frustrate people that wanna join but then there are only 6 or 9 seats. It is nice to be able to play with the choosen ones, but it might also create drama.; just my thoughts on this

Quote Happiness ##When home style games are available players can organize own tournaments and games, than players can create a own group. That is planned already.###

I forgat, to organise these tournements you need a forum that works easier or a sepperate FB page, how else do you organise these games? I am used to play teamgames, or you just wanna organise indi games and who of the prvategroups players log in 1st has a seat, so who comes first play?