Can You Beat 25NL Online?

I didn’t mean to say you were. I had 2 separate thoughts: 1 - that you were probably solid on the optimal theory. 2- that your answers and reasoning were probably better suited for stronger opposition. Basically, I think you are overestimating the strength of the pool at 25NL so your lines weren’t the most profitable ones (though they still would be profitable). I have the exact same problems BTW and I don’t extract anywhere near the maximum value possible. Whether consciously thinking about GTO concepts or not, my bias is to assume my opponents are playing more like the way I would than they actually do. Where I cannot imagine giving 3 streets of value to someone with certain hands, the field actually will give those 3 streets to me. I’m just guessing here but I think you and I share this bias and lose value compared to many others.

I couldn’t agree more with your response to @lad44. Very well stated.


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the answer to all of them is turtle