Can you assist in understanding loss?

ref Hand #238516343 on 20160907

I can understand the loss to 3 kings with the higher kicker, but why did the second hand (2 pair) beat my 3 kings? I don’t understand.

Come on guru’s help a learner out :wink: Thanks! BigSarge (sorry, can’t figure out how to past the picture in here)

For the sake of clarity lets just look at the four players still involved at the end of the hand. Hand starts…
you with 478 chips
bartne with 476 chips & a 4 chip blind paid
2much4u with 1007 chips
Japschnabbel with 5480 chips

You all bet or call 4 chips each preflop. Flop comes 9d Kc Kh. 2much bets 28 and you all call. Turn is 6d. bartne bets 180 chips, 2much calls, Japsch calls and you all-in. bartne follows with an all-in and 2much also goes all in. Japsch calls. As 2much bet more chips than you or bartne had, enough of his chips to call you both went into the main pot while the “extra” chips created a side pot.When Japsch called the same thing happened. As You or bartne had no chips in the side pot, this pot was between 2much and Japsch only. River is Js and as only Japsch has chips all hands are revealed. bartne wins the main pot trip Kings his Queen kicker beating your 7. Your hand is now over. 2much wins the side pot of 1009 chips with 2 pairs.

You had the least amount of chips at the table and as the bets went above your stack you were not entitled to win any of those extra chips. Any chips bet at the table up to your limit went into the main pot. Any chips above your stack went into the side pot. In this instance the side pot is the difference between your total bet 478 chips and 2much total bet 1007 chips combined with the call from Japsch.
Hope this helps and Good Luck