Can/will you help?

When I add my favorite tournaments to my ‘FAVORITE’ it doesn’t seem to save, even when the prompt tells me it was saved.

I’m focusing (this week) on a specific league, therefore when I re-enter the cite, I expect the numerous daily tourneys (that I successfully added yesterday) to show up, unless/until I delete them from my ‘favorite’. This does not seem to work here therefore I have been going into the lobby and adding them (one by one) each day, which seems repetitive and in other programs a ‘favorite’ will save me from this ordeal.

Am I losing my mind or is there a step I missed?

i don’t know the true reason, but i have also tried favoriting some tourneys once, but this was a while ago (probably about a year). i also found out that it doesn’t save it.
so i think it only works on the tourney in the given moment, and after it’s played it will be automaticly be unfavorited.

i don’t know for sure if this is the case but it seems like this, but it’s odd it got unfavorited anyway since it seems not very useful that way.

this occurs because of a flaw in the programming. Simply put, my best guess is it makes the " ID# " the tourn as ur fav, since all other of the same kind have a diff # , the code treats every MTT as its own, even the same day-day like the Regional 5k.

Its broken and needs to be fix’d… just like a few other things around here, like auto-rebalancing.

Thanks, maybe by bringing it up the programmers will consider it in a future update.
Seems stupid it doesn’t save, it can be modified by using the name of the tourney as the primary sort.

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Thanks for bringing this up, and sorry for the issues! Favorites absolutely should remain saved. That’s the whole point of them. I’m going to pass this along to the tech team to check out. I just added a few favorites to my list on the site and they’re still there right now, but I’m going to watch to see if they remove themselves from the list.

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Thanks so much. Is is site or cite?

Hi TexasJenny.

I had to chime in lol, that was great. It’s site if your spelling it. If you say it , it doesn’t matter hahahahaha.

Have an awesome day !


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so Craig, is it labor or labour ??? :nerd:

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Sarah, you should start a thread, words that sound the same but are spelled differently lol.

I’ll post everyday :slight_smile:

@rachalse, it also might be… client side or site side, where the fav’s are saved.
that would make a huge difference, hopefully its site(server) side saved.

Ok is it DONKEY or DON KEY

Hey all. I wanted to give you an update. Our tech team looked into this issue and has changed the way that favorites work. Now, when you add tournament X at 10 AM, every tournament X at 10 AM will be on your favorites list. :slight_smile:

If you notice any other issues, please let us know!

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Thanks so much. Very nice that RP responded so quickly on this one.

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That was GREAT !!! :slight_smile:

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I got started off on the wrong foot and the only light I see out of this is to close my account I have so many problems on Thursday-Friday-Saturday- Sunday and I know it due to me a lot of it I no longer can keep this up It makes me too upset and this is only a free game I will wait till Monday and may be able to talk to some one thank you so much sammy

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