Can We Play Against a Computer Only?

Is there a way to play only against a computer, as way to practice without bothering real players?


I play against an AI computer all the time. I’m not sure if a can post the URL on the forums.

Google is your best friend…

Thanks, but I’m referring to Replay Poker.

No, it’s not possible on Replay.

Ok, thanks.

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No you cant play against computers and it wouldn’t be the same experience anyway, that you will experience. If you want to practice, I would suggest playing some of the Free Rolls offered at Replay Poker.

Have fun, follow site rules & GL at the tables

we play on a play money site. the experience on here is not same as a live game with real money involved, so what difference?

The main difference is that bots would play better

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someone/thing playing better. isn’t that what a player would want?

playing at a table where everyone shoves all in and calls with any 2 cards . not gonna learn anything

playing at table where everyone plays better. you would learn a thing or 2.

I would probably learn more playing live game vs a play money site where players call with any 2 cards regardless how much raise the BB

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All true.

I learned how to play using Poker Academy. Some of the bots in that software were modeled after the best pro players. I don’t think it’s still available though.

I believe virros was referring to playing with a computer on Replay, hopefully to learn as the player builds account chips. But to your point Sun & wild I think you can learn even more with real players regardless how they play. Just my personal perspective, because eventually if you choose, you will be playing against them, as wildpoker mentioned for real money

In other words why would one want to play against computers when they can learn & enjoy the games right here with real folks

haven’t really learned anything playing on here. for lots of reasons

Those hoping to go on to real money games might want to learn with something closer to real money players. It’s entirely possible to pick up a lot of bad habits if you only play against low-experience players. Playing to pay your rent is not exactly a social game.

Serious players use the best tools they can get.

I am still learning, so I take a lot of time when it’s my turn to bet – slowly analyzing things. It’s very uncomfortable if I’m playing with real people, because either I feel too much pressure to bet too quickly, or the others could get annoyed by how slowly I am playing. Against computers, these problems don’t exist.