Can we make preflop play a bit quicker, and postflop play a bit slower?

Preflop it takes soooo long for players to make a decision… it’s just so boring!

Meanwhile once the flop is out you only get a tiny amount of time to think about what you’re doing. Personally, I find that it’s practically impossible to think through the situation and come up with a reasonable game plan in the time provided, and the result is that I play in a very simplistic manner compared to how I play poker in other contexts. For reference, I think Ignition Casino (where I also play) gives players about 4x as long to make a decision, compared to Replay.

To make matters worse, the interface for typing in your bet sizes feels kind of clunky given the very short time horizon for making a decision.

Here’s some suggestions:

  1. For each position at the poker table except for big blind, let players choose certain hands to autofold.

  2. Track how long each player is taking preflop. If they’re way above average, shorten the amount of time they have to act, and give them a warning to the effect that this has happened. Give them a link to the page where they can choose their autofolds to speed up the action.

  3. Give players 20% more time on the flop, turn and river.

  4. Improve the bet-sizing interface so that it’s quicker and easier.

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Keep in mind that most of the time due to various lags and freezes on the website, it can take a while for someone at the beginning of a tournament to make their first action, very often a number of players at a table will time out and go into Sitting Out mode, because of this. Doesn’t mean that they’re taking their time on purpose. In any case, it’s not that long to wait, what’s your hurry?

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I totally agree… As we have no “time chip” like in a real game, we need more time to read others cards.

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I dont think @YianniM has an issue with the first hand of an MTT or SNG etc. And sure sometimes u will have lag issues for multiple hands - I think most understand this. This is like the first less than 5 mins for a nearly hour or more issue @YianniM is trying to address. I mean the first hand takes less than 5 mins and most MTTs will play for over an hour.

I think @YianniM is well aware of lag and freezing issues that many players face! Cut players some slack YES and show a little patience for the first 5 mins!

I got abused by a player in the first hand of an SNG HU telling me I was slow etc bc i was still trying to connect to the table and play! You think players would have the intelligence to have a little patience on the first hand! So I barked back and then he told me he was going to report me! LMAO

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RP poker is a FREE site for recreational gamblers so unfortunately most players don’t really care! You will find some decent poker players too.

Your talking about position and card selection or range. Most players are just clicking buttons and making it up as they go. Most dont know what cards they will play in what position.

Some high stakes players might deff like this but sadly i think most wont care!

I agree that time wasters are killing the fun on the site! Tough luck is my experience.

It has been suggested before. Most players on RP bet 1BB or 50% or 100% or ALL IN… A very small amount of players bet anything else.

Maybe some advanced features for high stakes and decent players would be desirable. Most sadly just dont care!

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The timer is the same for everyone on every card played. As I always say for bankroll daily improvements, (Patience, Discipline & Faith). GL at the tables all and I hope everyone will always have fun !