Can we limit the bingo

is there nothing that can be done to stop preflop bingo players, no matter how small the table seems you have to bet a 1k just to see cards.perhaps it would be a good idea to set a preflop limit and then go wild if you i the only one ?

yes I agree 100% it takes all the fun out of the game!!!

If you not want to play “No Limit” games you can play the limit game tables. There are several Mixed Limit Hold’em game tables (pot limit pre-flop, no limit post flop)

Untick “hide empty tables”, select “Hold’em” games, then select “ML - Mixed Limit” and these tables appear and you can open the table.

Bingo players are annoying but, if you are patient, they are a good source of revenue cause sooner or later, they are going to go down. .


dont spill secrets, others may learn and less free bingo chips for you