Can we get a 4-street hold-em game?

Since I cannot play a pot to the river and take it anymore, I would like to ask the site programmers to give us a 4-street variant on Holdem, where the final card is the Turn, and you make your hand with the best 5 out of the two in your hand plus the 4 on the board.

I will win a lot more chips this way, thank you.

This should take priority over the efforts to replace Flash with HTML5, too.


I’d rather see Hold’em played High-Low, but with Lowball rules for lows (no qualifier for low, simply the lowest hand even if it’s the lowest trips or full house; Low hands can use both their hole cards, or one hole card, or play the board just like the High hand can). I’m not sure it would be an “improvement,” but it would be an exciting and fun variation. I’d try it once or twice.

How would that work? Wouldn’t every 2-handed showdown have a high and a low, so there would always be a chop?

Definitely shouldn’t be a priority over replacing flash with HTML5. I think there’s a few reasons why this variant wouldn’t work on this site. Firstly, because it isn’t a format played often (or ever?) there would be very little demand for the format and so not many tables would run. I also think that this format would be so much less interesting than normal holden. The game would come down much more to the absolute value of the hand on the flop because there are no opportunities for backdoor draws etc. The pots would be smaller and there would be a greatly reduced game tree which reduces the complexity of the game and makes it less interesting.


Sorry, I don’t think Replay has ever seriously considered a four card board at hold’em and I have never seen anyone try it in a B&M setting even though it has been suggested for the same reasons stated here, no more river beats.
Perhaps 2 flop cards, a Turn and a River might be a playable version?
Or the River first, then the Turn and finally the three flop cards? Perfect solution !!

I have played a hold’em game where the 6 card board is dealt 2 at a time. This means two different suits can make a flush. Action is guaranteed.

Holdem hilo never seems to catch on anywhere. Maybe it is because it is so difficult to get a read on the opponents hand?

That’s ok. It wasn’t really a serious request.

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i thought it satire when i first read the post. i feel your pain, bro. :slight_smile:


I used to play a variant we called “Southern Cross.” We dealt 5 cards on the flop, arraigned in the form of a + or cross., then normal turn and river. You could use either the horizontal or vertical flop to make your hand. This game is even more irritating than regular holdem, if you can imagine that!