Can we arrive to a common spanish term?

We have been working in the spanish translation of the poker terms, and I think that we have done a very good job.

Nevertheless, there some terms that I think we shoul have an agreement with all the spanish players; this the word VIRAR as a translation of the verb TO FOLD.

I think that the best, instead of VIRAR (wish means to turn around), will be PERDER.

So, What You think.

P.S. Sorry for my level of English

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i dont know how to understan “chequear /doblar” button :)))))

I am a bi lingual moderator, will help as I can

How about “rendición” for fold? “Surrender” seems better than “lose” or “turn around.”

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if you understan russian and read what they tell there, you will be laught for next couple of month… its sooooo funnyyyy…

you cant make me blush!!! :)))

Thanks a lot. I already fix the problem with tolerance.