Can u teach me how to play better holdem?

Do you offer any instruction? How can I learn to play better holdem?

Click on the tab Help, there on the tab pokerhelp…i put hte links here for you…

Good luck Happiness.

may vote on this

Maybe we could set up some tables strictly to “teach” those that want to learn how to play holdem etc. The rules, which hands win in which order - example one pair, 2 pairs, 3 of a kind, a full house …Just a thought

Great question sherai! So, right now we don’t offer any specific instruction. Happiness is right, we have a help section with the basics of poker explained, but I realise we could expand this to be a much better resource. The very fact we’re a play money site where you can play for free with no risk to your wallet is a great environment to learn poker. We plan on adding a lot more statistics about how you’re playing and this will probably be more useful to intermediate and advanced players to learn how to adjust their game. It would be great to have an interactive tutorial to show a player the basics of the game, but right now we don’t have any plans in the pipeline at least in the short term.