Can something be done about these players spamming tournament lobby chats for their leagues?

I like to defuse drama, I have always posted positive write ups for many leagues, in forums, chats you name it, I probably said something nice about you in the DW league at some point. I state facts and you @FranklyI seem to immerse yourself in drama, I don’t understand this behavior. Nor do I think it is appropriate for this thread.

I have had multiple discussions with @grapevine about posting anything about the leagues anywhere on the forum other than the leagues private forum, Kate has removed my write ups for being promotional related, and explained to me that at one point it was allowed, but was flooding the forums, so the team decided it would be restricted to private forums only.

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Maybe I’m immersing myself in this drama because I’m trying to protect my league from someone who won’t be reasoned with and who you seem to wholeheartedly support. If there was an apology from him for posting something that was inappropriate and offensive to our league then that would have been the end of it. But we both know that is highly unlikely to happen.

This sound very personal, Replay has a system in place for your particular issue, possibly following the proper channels might be a better resolve. This energy you are projecting on us seems negative and forums do not allow negative comments. please take this up with staff.

Could the real problem be the Private League discussion is listed in the muted category’s and faded. And would new forum players open to see what it is? Only one topic allowed? Why not add one topic within the League category for all leagues for recruiting only and change the name of faded out muted category to Join Leagues ?
Private League Discussion - Replay Poker, A place to discuss Leagues. Please limit posts to one overall topic per League.

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As far as updates to my request, no I have not heard back since the initial conversation. I like your positive vibe in working towards something, anything.
I suppose the team at replay would have to make any changes to policy, if they were so inclined.
As far as another topic hidden in the private muted section promoting leagues, Thats something, and all forward movement begins somewhere with small steps.

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@_Rain The OP was about spamming in tournament lobbies and not more specific to in League lobbies AKA stealing/poaching players etc. Spamming is a pretty easy thing to rule against.

IMO rules have a fine line! If a player types zzzzzzzz in the chat bc im slow I’m ok with that, and I will not react negatively despite the fact RP says its a crime! At one point it was against the Rules on RP to play bingo!

Rules need to be intelligent and enforceable IMO!

Recruiting players is good, but stealing/poaching players? I think is obviously something most would frown upon. Trying to enforce a rule for that tho?

Trying to define the rules to an exact science is never going to work.

Is it ok to PM a player privately and ask them to join a League after finding them in another League???

IMO SPAMMING is NOT ok & easy to rule against but stealing/poaching players is about as hard to rule against as players playing bingo!

Spamming, bingo, and trolls etc is just part of playing on a FREE poker site. Something players need to learn to tolerate.

Advertising League is good IMO! Spamming not so much but its inevitable on a FREE poker site.

I played on RP since 2015 & for years with no interest in MTTs - the Leagues & FORUMs prob never even existed back then! Leagues and friendships is important to the success of RP IMO. Some annoying advertisement is necessary.

I can’t figure out if you are agreeing with me or disagreeing with me. I am on topic, if I respond to questions directed to me, that may be leaning off topic, well that’s why they call it a discussion forum. I have followed all the parameters staff has instructed me on, there are hard rules here, if they are abused, staff will respond in kind. I agree with you that my direction toward resolve developed into a distant cousin of the OP, but was related to topic. Your post was very confusing, delivered in an almost projecting method that I condone those activities, possible if you read what I wrote thoroughly, you may see we agree on almost everything.

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How is trying to inform players of a different type of league “inappropriate and offensive” that Does Not interfere with time schedule?

Not quite sure how this becomes a “personal” matter I believe ALL the leagues should be tying to build each up with support not tear each other down out of some pettiness.

I personally wish all the best to the league u are affiliated with and wish all the best :slight_smile:

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I think I understand now why the league section is in the muted category, just with all of the divisiveness displayed in this thread and probably should remain in the muted category IMO


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I agree with you, I think just the title of this thread invites a tone unbecoming of ones attempt to be crowned Mr/Mrs congeniality. so, I will depart, no amount of logic or facts will sway the emotionally involved that have derailed this topic. I need to ignore more of these.


@ahfirs , I believe the answer to your question is in the site rules. One of them is advertisements. I do hope everyone, interested in league play will check out the League topic!

Chat and Personal Messages

Keep it friendly on and off the tables! We encourage you to get to know other players on Replay Poker, and some good-natured competitive chat is always welcome. However, it’s important that you’re cordial to other players, and avoid the following:

  • Rudeness of any kind, including vulgarity, trolling, impatience, spamming, site bashing, aggressive use of all-caps, or insults.
  • Racism, sexism, homophobia or transphobia, or any targeted hate speech or slurs.
  • Religion and politics. These are sensitive subjects that often lead to conflicts. Keep these discussions off the tables.
  • References to the cards you hold in an active hand, cheating, collusion, criminal activity, or advertisements.

Indeed they do have a good system of recruiting & I want to thank them again for the request, just wish I had the time right now.

Nobody spams the chat, well except

That’s not always true DogsOfWar! You were slow one game and I said “zzzzzz”, and you called me an idiot and lashed out at me. It did not feel nice! I’ve mostly let it go, but it’s funny to see this statement here.

OTOH, I didn’t know saying “zzzzz” was against the rules. It’s pretty common on Replay.

I agree with the points made but don’t think players are addressing the annoyance of spamming tournament lobbies specifically made by the OP @ahfirs ! I’m basically reiterating the point made by @will_lira : advertising their league in various session lobbies, not associated with their league lobbies, but recruiting new members for their league

It feels like everyone has turned this thread into an ethics debate about recruiting players AKA addressing an issue never raised by the OP.

IMO it seemed spamming in various tournament lobbies was the issue @ahfirs was making and not the ethics of recruiting players.

I have a few times seen the same player spamming web sites and links in MTT lobbies etc.

I could again say the same to you tho! lol

@_Rain I have no dog in this “fight” so I don’t feel I have projected in a way that has indicated for or against your points of view. Most of my points agree with you generally, and I struggle to see any points I made that even challenge your general point of view.

My challenge is not specific to @_Rain but AT everyone, that to me seems to digress from the simplicity of the OP. IMO spamming was the issue made by OP @ahfirs and not ethics, poaching, stealing players.

I mention RP made a rule against playing bingo on RP! Confusing? This was obviously in response that players getting annoyed. This is an example of a ridiculous rule that is unenforceable, pointless and ineffective.

Do you think RP can realistically rule on ethics, poaching, stealing players and enforce them? What can/could RP do to enforce such rules? How could RP possibly even rule or moderate in the first place?

Making rules is easy! Ruling/moderating and then enforcement & penalties is where RP seems to miss the mark IMO.

IMO making rules against spamming is easy and works!