Can something be done about these players spamming tournament lobby chats for their leagues?

I can’t be the only one annoyed with this.

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Leagues can post all they want as long as they are in the league section. It doesn’t bother me, I read them all.

If you played in a league it most likely wouldn’t bother you .

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I believe he is talking about folks advertising their league in various session lobbies, not associated with their league lobbies, but recruiting new members for their leagues. Don’t know that there is anything against site rules, yet, but yes I agree it is out of place.


I advertise in the lobby for my league, and in the games, that is the instructions from staff here on replay, it is the only place other than a private forum we are allowed to recruit players to our leagues.


How else are many players even going to know about leagues especially if they are new to the sight?

I was on the sight over a year before I even knew anything about leagues and I was told during a game in chat.


I found out about my favorite league thru one of those posts. Its not like they are spamming chat during the game or ruining your in- game playing experience. It’s in the lobby, if you aren’t interested ignore it. Other players may find it quite informative and useful.


@will_lira There is a rule in private leagues, you are not allowed to recruit/poach players from other teams in the leagues, so advertising in the leagues is not allowed, unless you have permission from the league owner/organizer. You can have advertisement in the header of your league in the league section, but most people here don’t know how to put a picture in their profile, let alone find the leagues and look for an advertisement. We use the tools we are allowed, staying within the parameters set by staff. I have gone as far as to ask the admin for a singular public recruitment forum thread, where all teams can recruit, it is “under consideration” up the ladder.


Thank you Rain, and all the folks who advertise in the lobby’s. as @Goatsoup mentioned, I wouldn’t know about the opportunity if you didn’t. Have been invited to a few lately but just no time right now for the commitment. Keep up the Great work and hope to see more leagues forming !!!

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I hope you asked this request recently and will be very concerned if not awarded in a few days. These Leagues are important to the community here and should be allowed to post a simple thread on the forum!!!

Promoting your own “Private League” in another Private League’s chat or tournament Lobby, without permission, is just plain Bad Form. Having said that, I see no harm in an ad being placed in other non Private League Lobbies as the messages do not interfere with the game and are harmless.

I thank Replay for everything they do for Private Leagues but I cannot understand why Replay will not allow Private Leagues to promote in General Chats. Private Leagues are an important part of Replay. Many members only play in Private Leagues. They help Replay create a “community” which is what sets replay apart from many other sites, so why treat Private Leagues like unwanted guests who are restricted to their own enclave in the attic?

“There is a rule in private leagues, you are not allowed to recruit/poach players from other teams in the leagues, so advertising in the leagues is not allowed, unless you have permission from the league owner/organizer.” If this is a rule then it needs to be more broadly shown so that those who think they are above the rules can be brought to account. There is an instance of a recruiting/poaching ad being place in a Private League game registration forum by a person who had been thrown out of the League and he would have known he was not welcome there. I believe he was just looking for confrontation. That is just the absolute height of ignorance. Maybe an apology would be forthcoming.

I think the Donks teams have their recruitment strategy right. They approach players via the PM system when they notice players at the main site tables who will fit well in their leagues. In the same way, I see no problem with a brief and friendly approach in the lobby chat box, again on the main site tables, in order to draw attention to the leagues.
However, I do agree with Frankly1 that trying to recruit in the chat box of one of the private leagues is bad form and it could cause conflict which is not in the spirit of league games.
Any player who is interested in joining a league can read the private league discussion thread and also check all the leagues through the drop down box under their avatars on the lobby and dashboard. It is up to the organisers there to give a description of the aims of their league and also make it sound inviting to would be members.
If we receive enquiries on the forum we always refer the players to these threads so they can look at the various leagues on offer without feeling any pressure to join a particular one.


These are not “team” leagues and Do Not conflict with times played therefore they are the same as any Mtt where players are able to receive information regarding another Non Team league that they might be interested in.

I can see the annoying side of it personally. Some players genuinely ask for help or advice about the tournament or just casually say hello in the Lobby chat, league advertising just gives it that arcade website look where everybody is trying to promote something just for fun.

If one wishes to search or join a league, there is a dedicated section for that.

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It was August 7th, when the communications transpired about a recruitment topic in public forum. I went back and looked at the emails from staff member, she was very kind and said.
We might consider adding a League Recruitment thread in the future where leagues could update what’s going on and let people know how to contact them.
Then I ask if I could start the topic.

Response was.
This suggestion has been forwarded to the rest of the Team. For now there should be private threads within leagues.


@Rain. Very interesting point you make about the rule in private leagues. And what would you think of a league that posts something in another league without permission, and in the full knowledge that it would be unwelcome and likely to cause confrontation.

Far as I know, no one has done that without permission, I have asked some other league organizers to post in their chat/room/forum and been told no, I respected their decision. One organizer removed me from the team chat when I started my own league, and I am a captain in their league.
I allow recruitment in my league/chat/forum to a few other league organizers. We help each other out by cross promoting to assure our leagues have a flow of incoming players. We avoid crossover/conflicting times when our games are played and play in each other’s leagues.

If you are referring to @Goatsoup posting in the lobby in this game.
Monk game

He was well within the parameters set by staff. I don’t know how this league was able to have their game posted in the main lobby, but that opens a can of worms. If special privileges are given by Replay allowing private leagues to post their game in the main lobby, then they are subject to the same promotion options as all the others.

I really don’t mind.

I mean, who uses the tournament lobby chats anyway? I sometimes say hello, but really they’re basically like bulletin boards in out-of-the-way locations.

I say let the leagues post information there. It helps build the community.


Your example is no doubt a quirk of Replay rather than special privilege to a private league. I have seen TPP games on the dashboard of all places. This does not get away from the fact a league organiser saw fit to post recruiting material in another league, one that he had in fact been thrown out of, without permission and knowing full well that his actions would not be welcome and were designed to be confrontational and probably seeking attention for himself. And you being the organiser of another league and willing to support this unwelcome action has me puzzled. Why would you think this is okay when you yourself brought mention of the rule between leagues.

Why cant you post to add players or teams and vacancy’s for your league under, existing topic of players helping players? and have you asked from the email mentioned is there a status update? A single thread to me sounds like a great idea and while it doesn’t bother me, maybe for some would remove the distraction in the Lobby’s while they play their games. @grapevine do you know of any updates on the League Recruitment thread please? if not is it possible for leagues to post on the topic, players helping players?