Can Replay Poker help you get into the "Money" at 2024 WSOP?

not a chance winning money in the real world has nothing to do with the fantasy replay poker is ///////sure you can win in real cash games if you paly on replay but one has nothing to do with the other even a blind squirrel can find a nut i would give my teeth to play cash games with the majority of replay players

Being that i am OLD and played many real money sites and casinos and your probably young and not wise-i will disagree with you my new friend:).

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Enjoy your play here at Replay Poker!!!

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I haven’t played real money tournaments yet, they are opening a casino down the road. But i do think this can help you in a real game. This site helps you pay attention to betting patterns, which in turn will help in a live game. The only down side to this site is you can’t chat if you play on your phone, and I play 90% on my phone.

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I agree, it can help in in a “real” cash or tournament game…

Sometimes, I will play up to three games at a time… My reaction time to make a decision has decreased significantly… so, that you don’t give out tells to other people…

That repetition, betting patterns, “tells” on tendencies for players can only make you better

when I was playing at the WSOP Omaha H/L tournament, I knew what the players were holding in their hands (for the most part)…

Now, some of those players wouldn’t give you any tells, because they were professional…

Good luck with Replay poker!!!

Some advice for when you play at the casino (ring games and tournaments) …Have patience and play the player (after a while you can see how a person plays and sometimes get tails from them)…Good luck…

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Thanks Bill!

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Thanks pete, i appreciate the knowledge, they are getting ready to open a Ceasars not far from here with tournaments! Ive always been better at playing other card games with groups of people and was somewhat successful. Ive played online for years and i am excited to test my luck and skill at the real deal
Were you or Bill nervous playing in a real life tournament? If so any words that may help? Thanks again!

Been there a few times but have never played poker there. But its a cool casino.

Boa noite…!!!
Eu sou ao contrário…kkk…jogo real em casas de poker em minha cidade sempre, e bem diferente mas acredito que com estratégia boa e mantendo sempre a mesma expressão corporal, pessoalmente é bem melhor.
Boa sorte!!!

I’m the opposite…lol…I always play real poker in poker houses in my city, and it’s very different, but I believe that with a good strategy and always maintaining the same body expression, in person it’s much better.
Good luck!!!

Hi @xNemesisx,

I’m always nervous prior to a tournament, during a tournament, and afterwards…

I’ve played in a few tournaments, and I keep it to my “bankroll” or below my “bankroll”, so that I don’t get wiped out in the first hand…

To practice, I played in some very inexpensive tournaments to get the feel of the game… when the blinds were lower versus higher later on… and, watched the players…

And, I would prepare… so, if I was entering a Hold’em tourney versus an Omaha, or Omaha Hi/Lo, then, I would review different podcasts or play those games exclusively…

When I went to the WSOP for Omaha H/L limit, I did exclusively Omaha H/L games prior to the tournament.

One of the podcasts that I have watched for Omaha H/L is this one…

I have watched it many times…

I’ve also read books on tournament play…

But, for me, this is my passion… It is not a chore, I am not a professional gambler…

A cheaper way (could be cheaper) is to enter a satellite for a tournament, sometimes, they have satellites prior to the tournament where you risk 10 - 20 percent of the entry fee and get in that way…

I’ve done that before…

Good luck on your first live tournament!!!

I started playing weekly cash games with older friends when about 16—BUT first few times at the casino i was VERY nervous ( i was then about 26 ) then i realized the other players were just normal ppl. like me and calmed down…You just got to have patience, watch the players and you will see how each plays ( most give off tails or play the same way unless they are VERY good and mix it up and they are usually there to make money )…Just have fun and relax—good luck…P.S. If you are a serious about winning money, do NOT drink until after your done playing.

I agree this is one of my ultimate passions, i truly enjoy all aspects of the game. I never thought about podcasts, thats a great idea! Thanks for taking the time to reply.

Thanks Bill I used to do the same for years playing card games on Friday night. I would always have a beer open but never drank it. It was more to appear social, plus if im playing with my money, alcohol would not be in the picture. Thanks for you alsofor taking the time to reply! Hope you guys ha ea good weekend!

I would say never get angry and obsessed in making your money back. Make it back gradually, not in one single hand.

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Boa noite…nunca fico nervoso antes de hoje torneios, apesar que esse é o WSO…então provavelmente ficaria bem ansioso
Mas prefiro jogar pessoal do que on LINE…pois pessoalmente eu consigo me manter sempre com a mesma expressão e quanto agressivo com fichas, pessoalmente a maioria das vezes inibe o adversário

Parabéns man…:boom::fire::+1::point_up_2:

Good evening…I never get nervous before tournaments today, although this is the WSO…so I would probably be pretty anxious.

But I prefer to play in person than online… because personally I can always keep the same expression and when I’m aggressive with chips, personally I most of the time inhibit my opponent.

Congratulations man…:boom::fire::+1::point_up_2:


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Yes, face-to-face is the best, because you capture the whole experience of poker:

marking your players

Good luck!!!