Can I see howmany and wtch tournies I have won?

Can I see howmany and wtch tournies I have won ?

Yes, but you have to scroll through all the tourneys you have entered and count them at this time.
I think as new HTML5 rolls out that the players will have access to a lot of info that is kept in the data bases. (Least I hope so.)
To count your wins go to activity (in drop down upper right) then click tournaments, then either start counting, from the top or the bottom.
.I count mine as I win them & post on my profile page so I don’t have to scroll the count again. Counting twice this year was enough for me…

ive won 50 in 2 years

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If you use moofish’s extention ( or manually ), and you use Bank Transactions (lifetime)… then copy/paste into xcell… you can sort, then all your winnings will be grouped together , listed for you.