Can anyone tell me ?

Why do we need to see the text of every single card the dealer gives in the chat box ?
It just ruins the chat as it pushes messages off the screen.
It’s “Replay Poker”, you can watch it again if you really want to know those fine details.

(*Replay- Chat is important for people to enjoy the game, and come back. Just saying.)

Thoughts anybody ?

HI Max,
I understand what you are saying, but I like the ability to go back and see what beat me. Sometimes the action is so fast I am not quite sure what I got beat with. Often it is a full house or a straight that I had failed to notice the possibility of… and thus another way I learn to be more thoughtful.


Totally agree that chat makes the tables more enjoyable!

Many players find the dealer chat valuable (for reasons just mentioned by @CYN51), but it can definitely be annoying for some chatters as well. We’ve looked into the possibility of adding a setting to turn off things like dealer chat and broadcasts, but it would take a significant amount of work in the Flash client. We do want to add this option once we no longer use Flash in the future.


hmmmm does seem hard to read chat with replay messages continuously popping up is there a place in settings where we can stop replat messages
just a thought

I mean things like “Dealer: Dealt to board [ Ah ]” - we can all see that…
and "Dealer: ** Hand [ 381212967 ] started ** " - It says that at the top of the page.
If you really want to this info,just watch the replay !

Eliminating things such as these would not need flash, just programming.

Anything to make trying to chat less annoying would be a great start.

I like the the poker text.
If you can’t BS and play poker, brother you really need to give up poker! :rofl:

I see I’m doing a lot better than you Grateful.

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That’s why I need the poker text Max. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
The BS and Poker comment was a joke son, just a joke! (notice ROFL emoji).
I guess you’re not so good at the BS part. :upside_down_face:

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Personally I find the info to be very useful at times. I know you can replay and watch it later, but sometimes I need the Hand number or the cards dealt to board right away and all I need to do is scroll up a bit.

I think there should be a solution that satisfies both chatters and info seekers. My idea is to have a third tab for info and broadcast. This way the 3 tabs CHAT, INFO & BROADCAST, and NOTES would be chosen by each player at will. If I want to see info about each hand I pick the info tab, the chat tab would only have chat, and notes remain as they are.
Obviously the other solution already suggested here about being able to mute the broadcast works as well, but if I had to pick, I’d rather have it split from the chat than muted/unmuted at will.


perhaps he thought you were bluffing with the rofl emoji, and the emoji was just your pokerface for being dead serious :grin:

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You may be right! I never considered that. LOL!

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That’s a good suggestion Maya, it might just work.
(Although I think the bottom line is that Replay wants to advertise themselves during chat.)
And yes I took your emoji as sarcasm. :upside_down_face: