Calculation of tourny winners/places paid

is there away to see how the tourney winnings will be split there some tourneys if you place yow win 20% percent others if you place you get 250% with entry being the same

Good Morning champca, yes there is. After you register for a tourney go to the tournament lobby and see the position places and chips that will, be won by a player in that position. Also % depends on how many players in that tournament.

I hope that was what you were asking .


thats only 1/2 right… most poker sites adjust in realtime the places paid. Many players wanna know this info before registering, not after you can’t unregister anymore. Also Craig, there’s no reason for replay, not to disclose “we pay 1 in xx” in all MTT/SnG. So no Craig, once I register the information in the lobby is ONLY available after seating starts and unregistering is impossible.

Champca, it does show total of the avail prize fund in realtime, just not how much each place gets or how many places get paid ( before seating ).


Ok got it and yes you are correct , not in real time.

Thank you for clarification.

Well Craig, even I wonder, and yeah I’d love to know the payout places/amts before registering. Some ppl use that to aprox the time-investment/profit-potential ratios. To me its kinda confusing when @ 9 ppl, 3 places get paid, yet at 18 it might be 4… & how will rebuys affect things.

So yes some info is displayed realtime, some isn’t till after seating… this might be why some people prefer late registration, all the info is there.


I was thinking that about the late registration part because, yes all the info is there. Great observation :+1:

still never really did get a answer did we i want to no if i put out 3k am i getting 3.6k for placing some tournys i play cost 6k and to place payout starts at 16

can you tell me why i never won any chips in this hand 323223895 thanks

I searched, it says no hand by that number. Check to see correct number of hand.

Hand #323223895
Game: NL OmahaHiLo
Table: Barbary Coast 2
Player 2128 wins the Hi pot with 23456 straight using 2 3 4 from community cards and 5 6 from their hole cards beating your 2 pairs 44 and 33
Their Lo hand was also 23456 which beats your A2348. Lo hands are counted weakest card first so their 6 is lower and therefore stronger than your 8. Sorry, but they got you on both.
If You scroll down to the very bottom of the dashboard you will see the “Game Rules”. There is a list of hand ranking there which may explain it better.
Good Luck…

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Thank you whoeverit. I couldn’t find the hand.

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