Buying other players 2 month trial memberships

I suggest replay poker allow players to purchase, 2 month memberships for other players. I believe some, will continue the membership after enjoying the benifits. This also will be a way to allow players to support the site but don’t want to buy chips.

Do you support the suggestion and if not, will you please explain why.

Hi Litenin. I do support the suggestion. I think once people start playing on replay poker and start making friends, they are going to want to stay.


Do I have the option to reject it???

What benefits will I enjoy?

I’m not paying for VIP or “Premium Membership” unless it offers something worthwhile and beneficial to me.


Buy them a year’s membership so they can enjoy ALL of the Premium features and Replay can enjoy the $100 for expenses instead of $20

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I totally agree, they will want to stay as a member of the platform and site once they play. I am suggesting a way and means to help others and the site at the same time, with the Premium experiences and benefits to their bankroll.

Very good Questions, I believe you should have the option to reject on the receiver end and the benefits should be listed upon the request to accept. If the player accepts he/she will see the benefits for 2 months. Then they can decide whether to join.

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Wish I had your wealth my friend, I would!!! But Great Idea if anyone can afford to do so:)

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Or Replay can give some Premium Memberships out in some kind of promotional campaign. It wouldn’t cost them anything, they can just create more and more chips. It’s a nice idea to do so.

cc to @fizzymint


This has been suggested before involving freerolls @FlKayak . Any other possible promo ideas, anyone?

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I can only assume any & all funding, would be good for the site. Lets assist with ideas of increasing premium memberships. Perhaps replay could adopt a buy in format for a 2 month or 1 year subscription.

Any other ideas, suggestion’s ? for me nothing is impossible!!

Personally if a friend wanted to pay for Premium Membership I would reject it bc it adds no benefits or value to my experience on RP. There is so many better things you could waste money on!

I agree most poker enthusiast will stay and keep playing on RP, but of what benefit is Premium Membership?

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Every benefit you just listed above . It’s a good way to help the site and yourself.

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Understand your concerns as you can buy 140K chips for $9.99, however, there are additional benefits. I think the main benefit is to keep the site alive & growing. So we can continue to enjoy the games and fellowship daily with our friends.

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Buying VIP Premium Member ship for a friend that expresses interest in that service but doesn’t have the means or money to spend on that is a beautiful and thoughtful gift!

On the other hand buying VIP Premium Member ship for a friend in the hope they keep buying Charity Membership to me feels manipulative. Feels like the start a cult pyramid scheme relationship.

This idea reminds me of people donating to a charity as a gift to someone!

It seems many players like paying for Premium Membership to help financially support the site! Thats GREAT if that makes them happy!

I wonder how many players actually feel Premium Membership is worthwhile, valuable and improves their overall experience playing on RP?


Many of the people who buy the Premium Membership used to donate to the old “Chip Pot” and have simply transferred their support of the site to the Premium Membership scheme. The members have got to know each other through the Premium Membership freeroll tournaments and a lovely atmosphere has been created by those who play regularly.
I can only see positives if buying for friends was introduced.


Well defined my friend, the atmosphere is probably similar to league play. GL to all at the tables!

I am sure there are some players that will not support the idea. However I do believe many will.

It actually does nothing for me and I’m in my second year membership but it does help the site so I pay…

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All that for $10 a month. Sounds worthwhile. I’ll hold out in my third year before I buy again right ?

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