Buy In's

Will someone PLEASE explain to me why one cannot buy in for amount between the limits??? I play the 1/2 tables and freerolls for the most part and it bothers me that I HAVE to buy in OVER that amount on the whim or RP algo.I’m not a ratholer or all in maniac either.This last time I had no choice but to buy in for 710 on the 1/2 table when I didn’t leave the last table w/ 1/4 of that amt.Other times I leave a table w/ over 400 but can buy in w/ any amt. between 100-400.WTF is going on??? If RP tolerates all in maniacs cause “it’s no limit,deal with it” BS than why the crazy no sense buy in crap that isn’t even consistent? C’mon now,rediculous.

On the 1/2 chip tables you can buy in for any amount between 100 & 400 chips. It comes up in a pop-up before you take your seat. Simply select the amount between 100 & 400 and away you go. About the 710 buy-in, it was probably because you had already been at that table and left it with 710 chips less that an hour earlier. For example… you are playing on “the duck pond” and leave with 710 chips. If you return to “the duck pond” within an hour you will be seated with the 710 chips you left with. At the other tables you will be seated as normal with the standard 250 buy-in or select a different buy-in via the previously mentioned pop-up. Hope this helps…

Thanks for the response whoeverit but it doesn’t work that way in reality all the time.Maybe it was a glitch but between leaving a table w/ 710 I lost 200 at another,lost 74 at another,played a mtt and came back to a ring game buy-in 200,left that and then hit w/ I HAD TO BUY IN AT 710 for a 1/2 ring game.Maybe a glitch,maybe not.The point is,it shouldn’t be up to an algo about how much I buy in with as long as it’s within the min/max. And on a related note if I take one of these all in maniac’s chips why shouldn’t I be able to leave the table and buy in at another,saner seat for the regular buy in,banking the maniac’s losses??? Thanks,Finn007.

Have a look at your bank transactions to see if you returned to the table you left within an hour. You should be able to see table number and time you left and joined.
I read on an old post some time ago that replay used to allow people to bank winnings and return to the same table but it became like musical chairs with different players leaving to bank (some players even banking every winning hand) and ruining the flow of the game so the decision was made to impose a time limit.

Believe me,I checked it all before my original post.Thanks though, Finn007.