**Hi I think the buttons for all in are too close to the bet buttons below them. Sometime I want to just click check and I hit “all in” that is not right. Also there should be at least 5 more seconds added to the time to decide whether to bet or raise or not. Anyone who feels the same please feel free to jump in. **
Thank you

Have slow and fast table.
Slow table 20 sec. its a lot…
Dont play fast then.
Go to the lobby , find the bold lightning mark

I think RP work on new table with new button arangement.


Hi thank you marcipan I hope so new button would help as far as the bold lightning marks all of the games in my lobby have these… but I will look to see if I can find slow and fast games.Thank you


Hi Marcipan
I see thank you, great help. take care.

I think the absolute worst thing Replay could do is increase the time a player gets to make a decision. A lot of players compete on two or more tables at a time and this already slows them down to the point of using the entire timer to “check” a bet while everyone else waits. It’s annoying. Last we want is to increase that annoying wait.

anyone know what "muck"stands for?thanks

When you not show your card at the end. After river, if have a pleyer who have better then you, then you can have the option to show, or not.