Buttons for muted players

as a muted player its horrible when ppl say hi to u u cant answer back when will there be buttons made to say hi or txs please

You meant like this ? http://support.replaypoker.com/replaypoker/topics/smileys_in_the_chat or simple buttons only?

(I change this to idea, if you dont mind, its more idea, then Question)

It’s certainly an idea, to allow muted players to say certain words, like ‘hi’, ‘thx’ etc. Not sure we’ve got room to add buttons for the words. Of course, it’s best not to get muted in the first place! :s

Maybe instead of buttons for the muted player just tag that player “muted” so no one thinks they are stuck-up or unsocial. But I agree don’t get muted and then there’s no issue.

The whole idea of mute is because the player did something outside of the rules. If they want to chat be a nice player. If they don’t want to appear rude because of no response then I think something that says muted would be a good idea.

I think nonotme came up with that idea 1.5 years ago

as i am a muted player can u please tell me when will u put hot keys on here for us so we can at least say hi 2 other players who chat 2 us so they dont think we r ignorant please

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Unfortunately we’ve got a full to-do list right now and this is not a big priority for us, so it’s going to have to wait until later this year, sorry I can’t be any more specific. My advice is to try and not get muted in the first place.