Button layout when facing a fold/all-in decision

When you’re faced with a decision between only the two options of folding or calling all in instead of the normal three choices of fold, call or raise, the two buttons are expanded to the same space that the three would normally occupy.

This results in the space for the “fold” button overlapping where “call” would normally be. Recently I have unconsciously clicked fold a few times when I have meant to click “call”, thus folding an all-in I meant to call.

I think this is the result of a recent change because I don’t remember ever doing this before.

This should be changed so that the position and size of the expected actions doesn’t change depending on what the choices are.


6 5 unsuited I think replay saved your butt. Course what do I know.

Maybe I’m misreading it, but doesn’t he have a bet that is larger than you can cover? If so, you can only fold or go all in.


The point is about the positioning of the buttons when the number of options changes from 3 to 2. Fold overlaps with the space where call would normally which can lead to accidentally clicking the wrong button


I agree that this has also resulted in my folding several times when I meant to call. I think it was changed a couple of years ago with the migration to the new format.

I understand your point if he hadn’t raised more than you could call. Since you can’t call, there’s no need for a call button in this case.

Honestly I don’t feel like explaining it again. I think my point was clearly made. Sorry if you don’t understand it.

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