Bust the Staff February 2022 Game

I just want to say Kudos and Acknowledge those individuals who were involved improving the February Bust the Staff tourney. I know there’s been a lot of effort to keep the tourney running whenever the players participation exceeds 300+. Game glitches and even the site going down (sometimes multiple times) during the tournament.

Last Thursday’s game had 1,039 players signed up (which is the most I’ve ever seen participate). And, there were no glitches nor did I experience any problems while playing.

IMO, I thought the tournament went very Smooth and I just wanted to recognize a job well done.

Also, recently within the last month I completed an on-line survey which was polling members whether to add another Bust the Staff game during the month.

I voted yes preferring Omaha H/L since I’ve been trying to develop a playing strategy for that game. Hopefully, someone can provide an update status on the poll results.


Hey smooth99,

Thank you for taking the time to share your kind words. The whole Replay Team worked hard on this and it’s been a personal goal of mine to have 1,000+ players in an event.

We’ve had some issues in the past with larger fields, but this one was amazing and ran smooth for the most part.

This is officially the largest poker tournament held in our history, so we wanted to thank everyone that took part and made the event great.

My department was responsible for the survey. We are reviewing the results and will have internal discussions about them, I can’t give you a definite timescale, but I can tell you that your voices are being heard by the people who make the decisions. If anything comes of it, you will hear in due course.

In the mean time, thanks again for playing and good luck with the Winter Games!



Nice to hear that it went smoothly for some… I was lagged completely and sat out the whole time untill I was eventually kicked out for being sat out !! … Fought for over half an hour to get playing to no avail…

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Same here :disappointed: but won’t give up !