Bug Reports & Performance Issues

Sorry to say it but no one else seems to care. The same problems that were there in the beginning of change over to the new format are still there ! Every other hand I played last night the river card never appeared to me. on many hands one or two ghost cards appeared pre flop. On top of all this I am constantly switched to another table before I see the outcome of the hand I was in. I wish some one would at least fix the horrible graphics. . I cant even read the print.or see tiny cards . HELP PLEASE, I am getting ready to bail out. We were promised fixes, just be patient . OUT of patience . BRICK


@DogsOfWar - The Lobby absolutely needs some work on updating accurately, and without being such a resource hog. In the meantime, if refreshing isn’t working for you, a cache clear should. You can get a Chrome extension to make this as easy as a click of a button. I personally use Clear Cache.

@DemSarduMD - Thanks for this report. I’ve forwarded this information to our team and we should have an update for you via email.

@Jabr, @BRICK52 - Very sorry to hear that you’re both still encountering regular performance issues. While we’re still making improvements on our end, I’m starting a ticket for each of you so support can gather some specific information to share with our tech team. We’re using this data to see where some of the hangups are, but they may also be able to get things running more consistently for you as well.

I recommend that anyone having persistent issues with performance, rather than a new problem, reach out to us via support@replaypoker.com so we can collect the aforementioned information. I may not reply to posts about this individually until I have more information or a new release announcement, but I will forward over any reports we receive here. Please keep an eye on your email.

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I have this exact same problem. An empty seat is broken and wont let anyone sit in it. If i click on it I get the duck throwing up error sound and appear for half a second “seated” or reserving after being instantly rejected. Seat me anywhere does the same thing if this is the only available seat.

Font size is different on both tables. I think the left table is incorrect and larger than normal. I resized the table a few times and nothing changed.

Time. I can’t tell you how many times I was timed out, even before I got the chance to see the decision buttons. We need more time or for tech to fix it,please.


I hope I’m not cursing myself, but for me clearing Chrome’s cache has improved site performance pretty much 100%. Control + shift + del then select ‘cached images and files’. I left all the other options unchecked. I haven’t had a site performance issue since.


I don’t like being moved to a new table so fast I don’t see the end of the hand I’m playing. You don’t get to see the final cards or whether you won or lost the hand.

Some tables have the stats in the bottom right hand corner. Others do not. When they are there the top line is hidden by a player.

Oh yes, and I’d like to win more often please :blush:

I forgot one, sometimes you press a button and get a red circle and get timed out. Very annoying.

Hi all; Starting on Friday evening I lost the ability to stay in a game.
Super slow to load, buttons don’t work . If it lets me in, it then sits me out .
Or i’m in but no cards show up, then it freezes.
Did all the recommended things. Newest browser update.
Cache cleared, tried switching to Microsoft edge same result.
Until Friday this all worked fine. Its Sunday now and still no poker!

Does not always show who wins the pot, and by that I mean that the old site would show the chips being moved to the winning player. Now the hand is over without seeing where the chips were distributed to. Also on the old replay I could always ‘check’ or ‘fold’ by checking the small box ahead of my turn. Now I have to wait until it comes to my turn to make that decision. So much better having to check the box ahead instead of waiting for my turn. Otherwise, overall am pretty pleased with the new setup.

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On my mobile phone (Android 9) if I review a hand, it doesn’t display anything but a black box that says “tap to continue in fullscreen mode” - - which doesn’t work. I can hear the sounds of the hand being played out, but not see the table.

The last couple days the MTT list has been loading in a backward order…so finding a current tourney is a search through a very long list. Just saying…

If you click the little arrow by ‘start’ which is located just above the tournament list this should put them back in the correct order. It should appear in the following line of text.

Tournament Game Startv Status Plrs Buy-in Prize Pool Friends
Hit that little arrow by start.

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@Xit - Sorry about those annoyances! We have those on our list to be fixed, and hope to have good news soon.

@puggywug - Thanks for reporting this. I passed it over, and our dev believes he already has a solution. We hope to have that rolled out soon.

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The new lobby format is horrible. I like to watch how quickly players are being eliminated during a MTT, so I scroll to the bottom and move up as last place moves up. Now players names are so far from how many chips they have left, that I have to look 2 or 3 times to see information I used to be able to see at a glance. I also like to see exactly how many people are left at all times, so now I have to pull up the lobby twice, so that I can keep one set at the top of the screen. In a 9 player SNG, the lobby doesn’t even show all the players on one page - you have to scroll down.


Thanks! Reported - also replied here with something you can do to display it correctly in the meantime.

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The same thing happens sometimes on the tables: the tourney info doesn’t appear above the action buttons unless you make the table taller and wider. Oddly enough, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes it displays fine, sometimes you have to resize the window to make it show up.

The lobby window size issue has been corrected – thanks again for letting us know about that.

@SunPowerGuru – or anyone else running into the same issue with the tournament info – if possible, could you please send us a screenshot when the window is too small to display that information? I’ll get that to the team so we can figure out what’s causing this. Thank you!

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Yeah, some tables are opening smaller, so don’t show the data.

These were not resized screen caps. I cropped them as close to the border as I could, probably within a pixel or 2. I’m getting 1011 x 884 on the one with the data and 914 x 789 on the one without. The one without is a league game, and always opens without the data, but I have seen this happen in a few non-league tournies too.

I’m running Win7 pro and the latest version of Chrome.


Tonight I was playing the Hold’em Arena MTT and was balanced to another table. When I was balanced the table didn’t load up properly as seen in the screenshot I took below.

I couldn’t play any hands and refreshed multiple times. This lasted about 2 minutes and finally after the 4th or 5th refresh the table finally loaded correctly and I was able to play. Maybe it’s just my internet acting funny tonight but this never happened to me before which is why I’m reporting it.


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