Bug On Ring Game Activities Page?

I was just reviewing my recent ring game activities and noticed something very odd. Other than the most recent ring game I played which was on February 26th every other ring game I played says I only won 38 chips and only played 21 hands. Below is a screenshot

Note: The reason it says I played for 11 hours on February 26th is because that’s when the site crashed but still dosn’t explain why my other game activities are wrong. Is anyone else experiencing something similar to this or is it just my computer?

Its done the same for me, down to the same numbers. I reported it to tech support but haven’t heard back yet.

Mine is the same too.

Thanks to everyone who reported this to us! Looks like this is a bug for most players, so we’ve let our tech team know and they’re currently investigating it. No ETA on a fix, but I’ll report back when I have more information.

hi the last few nights I have been playing .just about ever ery out standing hand I have my sceen does not light up .klicking the mouse dose nothing and I get folded .would that be some sort of bug it is so fustrayting regards dean brown