Bug: Not allowed to act

Just encountered what appears to be a bug.

Was in a pot, but not allowed to act - could see the action and able to chat with the other players. When my turn to act was, it skipped over me, indicating that I checked and eventually folded. (Which I would not have done, had hit a set!)


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it seems you got disconnected preflop.
i don’t know when you got your connection back but when it happened you most likely haven’t clicked yourself back into the game. a window should pop up that you were to late and then you click ok to get back in. also watch if you had the sit out button on, which might also be the case of what happened

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Thank you for the response.

Yes there was a “reconnecting” moment preflop.

But then the table reappeared, and there were no buttons to click myself back in, nor had I sit out enabled. The next hand (after the buggy one) worked normally, without me clicking anything anywhere.

yw :+1:
sounds strange indeed, the only other thing i could think of is maybe the check/fold button was enabled? but you already mentioned you had no buttons to click back in i assume it wasn’t on.
anyway, i agree it sounds like a bug.


Its not a bug really. The system will pre-fold anyone that is away, at the beginng of hand. Even if u reconnect before its ur turn, you wont have buttons cause it already folded you. ** NEVER should it fold a player untill its actually thier turn to act…never ever.**

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This often happens to me at the top of every hour, or within a few minutes of it (sometimes 5 minutes before, sometimes 5 minutes or so after, but always right around the top of the hour).

I posted a thread about it here: Experiencing severe lag at the top of every hour