Bug in the auto top-up feature (and waiting lists for that matter)

Well done ReplayPoker for implementing the auto top-up feature.

However Houston I have a problem:

If you enter a table from a waiting list, the feature simply does not work.

This is major problem for me since the playing strategy which I apply works only with full tables. Therefore I prefer joining tables with long waiting lists (which serves as sort of a guarantee that the table is likely to be full for the foreseeable future).

Also when losing my chips after entering this way I’m prompted to rebuy however I have set the permanent auto-rebuy option in the settings.

Also when entering from a waiting I can’t set my buy in level in advance: I’m entered with the default buy in.

Please do something so that entering a table from a waiting list does not differ in ANY WAY from entering a table with free seats directly.

I also noticed the waiting list wasnt working last night. It was probably a bug.

I have discovered a new bug.

If you use the auto top-up feature your chips brought to the table stats will be corrupted: every top up seems to be counted as a full buy in. So if you sit at a 15/30 table with the buy in being 2500 chips and you lose a big blind of 30 the stats may say you have brought 5000 chips to the table.

I think the whole approach to the ‘waiting list entry’ vs. ‘clicking on an empty seat entry’ and the auto top-up and re-buy system should be reviewed and a consistent system should be implemented.

I am sure Paul will fix things when he gets here. I wouldnt worry about it.

Hi watcha.

I have passed on to the staff, they will look into it.

Also the bugs in table statistics. Besides the bug chips brought to table, the stats also counts the sit out hands as played hands. Brings the sats down.

Thanks for reporting. The staff will let you know as soon as possible.

Thanks watcha for reporting the bugs, and happiness also for spotting one more with the stats.

I’ve summarised what you’ve said below:

  1. Auto top-up and auto re-buy profile settings do not work when you enter via the waiting list 2. Can’t set buy-in level in advance when joining via waiting list 3. Stats wrong: a) every top-up counts as a full re-buy amount b) if you sit out a hand it still counts this as a played hand, which bring all the stats down

We’ll get 1. fixed asap, as that’s definitely a bug.

  1. We’re already aware of and have plans to set this amount in advance to start with (as it’s easier) then later allow players on a waiting list to set these options when they are allocated a seat. It means we need to add a special reserved status to the seat, which we don’t have now - if you click on a free seat now and take too long to choose what to sit down with, someone else can come along and take the seat. So we need to reserve it for you. Once that’s in place, it’ll be easy to prompt a player on waiting list to choose their sit down options, as we’ll have the the ability to reserve a seat where no-one is sat at. Hope that makes sense!

  2. We’ll look into what we need to do to fix these two issues.

ps. Thanks for the vote of confidence Rick. Bit of a delay this time to respond as I was away for a long weekend.

Hi Paul!

I think that no reserved seat status is necessary.

Just do the buy in dialog box when the user clicks the join waiting list button.

So when the seat becomes available everything is ready for play. The player is seated with the required buy in and settings.

The whole bug is due to not calling this dialog box when entering from a waiting list. So with one move you could solve all the problems.

Once you lose all your chips and rebuy your global setting suddenly take effect even if you first entered from a waiting list.


So we just updated the game with a fix, now ‘auto top-up’ and ‘auto re-buy’ profile settings are working when you enter via the waiting list or the quick play.

That is the item 1, that Paul mentioned before.

We will give updates as soon as we do the other improvements.

Thanks for the feedbacks :slight_smile:


We have rolled out a new version this morning where the player can choose how many chips to bring, auto re-buy, and auto top-up settings when joining a waiting list.

I apologize for the delay, Best regards,