Bug in the app

There are bugs in the game. Can you please explain why I have lost all???

Because a straight beats a set of 6’s…playgoodgame has the straight. you must use 2 from your hand which gives you a set of 6’s not a fullhouse.


Welcome to the forum Masudkhan, and thank you HoboSoup for your kind response to our latest forum member.

Bye saying set of 6’s do you mean a pair or 3 of a kind? Maybe my eyesight is bad today.

a set is 3 of a kind…like 333

Set is the name given to three of a kind made using a pocket pair in the hole. If the three of a kind is not made with a pocket pair, it is more commonly referred to as ‘trips’.

The term set is most commonly used in the Hold’em and Omaha variants of poker.

Sets are generally stronger than trips since they are more disguised (two of our cards in the hole, rather than one).

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