Bug found

SnG 3-Max Turbo, 10k buyin.

What are you seeing as a bug here? I’m looking, but without context, I’m not sure. =)

I was in the small blind, so it should go allin preflop :slight_smile: He was left with just 1 chip, and the big blind was 50.

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Thanks! Passed it on to the rest of the team. =)

Not sure if this is just my web browser, but I couldn’t see my opponent stack size. This happens sometimes.

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I agree it happens at times, “muck” eventually disappears though.

Yeah, that’s an odd one! Thanks for the heads-up.

“muck” isn’t the only one it gets stuck on, but they all go away after a bit.

There is not only one bug on this website it is filled with: bugs. Example: Every time your game starts they take chips from you without giving you any cards to play. Secondly the website has a winning seat already chosen to win so if you are not in the right seat you will lose every time.

Simply untrue. Shuffling is randomized, and dealt without regard for any other hands, past or future. The dealer doesn’t care where you’re sitting, it just wants to spit out cards. Not very bright, but it is SUPER effective at dealing cards. =)

As for taking away chips, are you referring to the buy-in? Many tournaments require spending play chips to participate – it helps make the competition a little more stiff, and a little bit more valuable. The good news is, there is always a way to snag some more free chips if you get low: http://help.replaypoker.com/knowledge_base/topics/earning-free-chips