Bring-ins broken in 7CS?

Haven’t seen a post here about this already, so…

For the second time today, playing in a 7CS high/low freeroll, the bring in seems to have got stuck at a low level. Right now, at level 3, the bring in remains at 40 chips. In the previous 7CS high/low it got stuck at 120, with the level at whatever it got to for the last two tables.

One thing that seems to go with this is that the for the player bringing in clicking the bring in button often freezes the table window and it has to be refreshed (F5) to get it working again.

Example hand: #771452971


Yes. I sent this to Support earlier, so it’s already being worked on. DO CONTINUE TO REPORT IT, though. The more info they get to isolate the error, the easier it will be for them to fix it, I think.

How does one communicate with Support?

(Also, though not directly connected, how does one draw a moderator’s attention to events at a table?)

Click on the (?) at the top of the lobby near the poker chip , beside your chip balance to contact support.


Sharon is (as always) exactly correct about Support.

If you’ve met any of the Moderators, and remember their name, you can PM them even if you aren’t friends with them (they can also PM you). Or, you can ask Support to send one.

How would you know they were a mod? Their chat text will appear a different color and their name in the chat box will say “(mod)” right after their name. If you go to a mod’s profile page, it will clearly have that title near their name at the top of the page. (If I’ve gotten any of that wrong–I’m not a mod, so I can be wrong, just like everyone else–surely a real Mod will see this and give the correct information.)

Good luck at the games.


If you scroll to the bottom of the dashboard page you will see

  • Players Online: 1063* Seated: 785* Moderators: 3
    Click on* Moderators: 3 and it will take you to a page displaying which Mods are online. You will be able to message them by clicking on their name and you will see if they are at a table. As the Moderators are also players here, I suggest you don’t interrupt their game unless absolutely urgent.

Thank you all for the helpful info here.

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Hi, We believe this is now fixed.

Thanks everyone for reporting this.