Bounty Hunter Multi-Tours

Adding Bounty Hunter Multi-Tours for in the weekends.

Explained: Bounty Hunter Tours is just like normal tours, there is only 1 thing different. U get Chips for every player U bust out on the tour.

So if the buy-in is about 10k or something like that. U will get 2,5k for every player U bust out on the Tour.

And ofcourse there is the normal winning Pots.

Extra Chips 4 taking out a Moderator?

Its about time… Great thought and keep em coming

Like it!

hm… :)) you wish!!

Good news, we’re working on adding support for bounty tournaments this week. Hope to launch soon!

Extra chips for taking out mods??? Why because we long to be free, free, free… I said freeeee. But sales tax and tariffs do apply!

extra chips from marci for busted b17 :stuck_out_tongue:

sarkozi RP’s favorite son wishing bad on someone is not a good-thing. You are turning to the dark-side. After all RP has done for you – extra awards, late registration, keep letting you crawl back on to the site, fix all your concern, etc. Now your are going bad. I should be the bad one, as they haven’t provided the extra player lists requested, no Omaha 8, had to give-up my other monikers, and more. However, I’m still the good one ever fighting for peace, more chips, and the Replay way.

Besides marcipan doesn’t play tournaments.

vanity is an awful thing.

btw. you so long in the battle with windmills m8 than you forgot to laugh

I like windmills they are like big flowers, made by men. Being a structure engineer I appreciate such things.

I’m laughing this is one way I have fun. I try to make fun (without insulting someone) out of situations that some individuals get so upset over nothing Thanks for your comments at least you noticed.

Don’t you worry B17, I got a feeling 2013 is going to be your year! :slight_smile:

I did play tours , not so bad. If you not noticed, I did stop play on 21/08/2012.

Lots of reasons. Anyway, I love to play with both of you again, it was great fun!

We now added support for bounty hunter tours. The scheduling team have added some regular tours and today we’re celebrating the new year with 3 special bounty hunter tours: