Bounty Brawl Friday September 16th

Not sure if this is the right place, but I was in the Bounty Brawl tournament tonight (9/16). I was in 12th place at the break (of 20 players) and the table froze and locked me out. I couldn’t sign back into Replay Poker until about 30 minutes later. By then my chips were gone and I finished in 13th place. Still in the money but not able to play at all after the break. Where you all aware of this and can I receive a credit to another tournament?


Very sorry to hear about the trouble you had with Bounty Brawl! The best place to let us know when you have tournament issues is to contact us at Support directly. You can do that by clicking the “?” at the top of your dashboard, like so:

We didn’t hear about any site issues at that time, but I went ahead and refunded your entry fee as a courtesy. :relaxed:

Thank you - I’m not sure what the problem was but appreciate what you’ve done.

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