Boosting Sit & Go Activity

From playing at other poker sites, I know that I really enjoy the SnG format. Because of this, I’ve been looking longingly at the SnG tables here at ReplayPoker. Is it just a mis-impression on my part or are they really as infrequently used as it appears? If my impression is accurate, perhaps the “powers that be” could add some incentive to boost activity there?

I’m not sure what incentive would be reasonable. Something to increase activity in SnG without adversely affecting the signup at Ring Games and/or Tournaments. Perhaps a decrease in the house cut at signup? Perhaps a reduced rake? Perhaps 5% instead of 10%. While I don’t mind paying the 10%, we’re unable to do so when so few sign up for this format. Even a temporary incentive to get people to try SnG … once you try it, it’s hard to give it up.

Others may come up with different incentives that may be more attractive … but whatever works, it would really be nice to see something done to increase the activity in SnG.

Thanks for the suggestion John.

Perhaps we could have a freeroll SnG which would only pay out a small prize pool OR doubling up the prize pool would incentivize players to play more SnGs? I don’t think cutting the tourney fee in itself would make much of a difference. SnGs I get the feeling are a style of play that really requires liquidity in terms of numbers of players on the site. It’s a chicken and egg situation, if players know that games will fill up fast then there more likely to join, but how to get them to join in the first place?! If we had a 1000 players on the site at the same time, then there’s no doubt would always be a SnG to join.

Do you think the dashboard on the new site helps to promote the SnGs, that’s really what we were hoping for?

I agree that it requires high numbers of players … The site I played most SnG’s had 2-3k players at any one time … ok … I’m now retired and therefore the longer time required for MTT is not as much of a problem these days. I just wanted to put out the idea and see if there was any input from others …


The SnG’s on the dashboard don’t attract any attention, they are out of view down the page and (for me) the dashboard is just a landing zone on my way to the poker lobby. Perhaps if you re-arranged the page with the SnG’s up top and ring games and tourneys below?

Except freeroll tournaments, here are ten, twenty or thirty registration per tours, which corresponds to usual SNG games on bigger sites. That’s why there is no need and demand for them.

Thanks for the feedback. I agree we really need higher numbers of players to make SnGs more viable, or else offer fewer MTTs to play in, as right now the tourney players are attracted to the MTTs and the ring game players stick with the ring games. But I agree with John that the dashboard could be improved, in fact we’ve got a project to do that ready for next month.